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A major breakthrough may have occurred recently in the massive, multi-billion lawsuit involving hip implant products sold by Johnson & Johnson. According to several media reports on August 21, 2013, quoting unidentified sources believed to have inside information, Johnson & Johnson has offered to agree to a global settlement of the over 11,000 lawsuits it faces in the United States due to hip replacement parts that were alleged to be defective and had to be recalled in 2010.

Johnson & Johnson, the largest health care product seller in the world, has suggested payments of up to $300,000 per person in the case, which is often called the DePuy case due to the fact that the implant products were made by J&J’s Depuy unit. Payments per patient at that rate could result in a total payout of over $3 billion dollars. That is a much larger settlement than has ever been suggested in the past. It is also three times the size of a similar joint implant settlement reached with the Switzerland firm Sulzer in 2001.

Officially, Johnson & Johnson’s Depuy hip recall lawyers claim that talk of a settlement is premature. Seven product liability trials involving Johnson & Johnson are expected to be resolved before the end of the year, with the outcome of those trials likely to influence the size of the final payout. Patients are claiming that the chromium and cobalt implants were defectively designed and caused them chronic pain as well as damage to the tissue surrounding the implants.

Depuy hip recall lawyers working for Johnson & Johnson continue to insist that the company “acted appropriately and responsibly” and that physicians and patients were fully informed of the possible risks involved in using the products. Still, Depuy hip recall lawyers working for the patients are confident that Johnson & Johnson will be forced to settle, if only because of the sheer size and complexity of the case. With so many patients involved, to settle the cases on a one by one basis would be highly risky and probably ruinously expensive. The case is also incredibly complex, with over 50 million pages of documents involved.

For these reasons, Depuy hip recall lawyers working for patients feel confident that a settlement agreeable to all parties will be possible by early next year. However, considerable potential complications remain. A small but significant number of patients were more seriously injured than was typical, requiring long periods of hospitalization and multiple surgeries to undo the damage of the faulty implants. The Depuy hip recall lawyers for these patients may want to hold out for extra compensation. Johnson & Johnson’s lawyers are also concerned that new cases of patients hurt by their implants may surface in the coming years, further increasing their costs.

Despite these possible complications, most observers believe that these issues can be resolved and that a successful settlement is in sight for next year. Anyone who received an implant who suspects that they may have a case should be aware that it is not too late to contact the American Injury Attorney Group to see if one of their Depuy hip recall lawyers can help them by answering any questions and by evaluating their options for pursuing possible compensation for their suffering.

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