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The DePuy ASR Hip Resurfacing System has caused serious injuries for thousands of patients. The device was recalled in 2010, and controversy has followed the defective product ever since. It is unfortunate that many patients have had to endure a second hip replacement revision surgery as a result of defects in the DePuy ASR Hip Resurfacing implant. The second surgery is usually very costly as well as painful for patients. Even doctors are stepping away from using the DePuy ASR Hip Resurfacing System and being vocal about its defective condition. Just recently, a DePuy doctor even stated that he no longer uses metal-on-metal hip devices like the DePuy ASR Hip Resurfacing System. Clearly, there are problems with the DePuy ASR Hip Resurfacing System if a DePuy doctor does not even use the device anymore. If you have suffered injuries from a DePuy hip implant, then you should get in touch with Depuy Hip Replacement Attorneys with the American Injury Attorney Group to find out about your legal rights and ability to recover monetary compensation for your injuries.

History of the DePuy Hip Replacement SystemsDepuy Hip Replacement Attorneys

The DePuy Hip Replacement System was first recalled in 2010. The manufacturer, Johnson & Johnson, has faced thousands of lawsuits from injured patients after this recall, brought by Depuy Hip Replacement Attorneys in both state and federal court. Medical experts have found that 40 percent or more DePuy hip implants are expected to fail in the next five years. This means that individuals who currently have a DePuy implant and are not currently suffering injury may still wish to consider getting in touch with Depuy Hip Replacement Attorneys in the event that future litigation is necessary. The DePuy ASR hip implants have been implanted within over 95,000 people throughout the world.

Malfunctions and Health Risks of the DePuy Hip Replacement System

There are many malfunctions and health risks that are now associated with the DePuy hip replacement system. One of the major issues with this hip implant is that while it was on the market, DePuy doctors were told to try to send patients with complaints to a so-called vigilance department at Johnson & Johnson. The major issue is that no vigilance department even existed at the time, and patients have had to seek legal recourse to have their rights upheld.

One of the most common malfunctions of the DePuy hip replacement system is that the ASR cup tends to loosen. This causes the entire implant to fall apart and cause injury to a patient. Some patients also experience an allergic reaction to the metal bits that fall off of the implant in the corrosion process. Pseudotumors have even developed within some patients, and these tumors are unsightly and painful. They develop as a result of the metal waste that is created due to the loosening of the ASR cup. When patients experience the corrosion of DePuy hip replacements, then they may also suffer from poisoning due to cobalt or chromium.

Recent Testimony of a DePuy Doctor in Court

In one of the first cases brought to trial that has alleged defects in the DePuy ASR hip implant, startling testimony was heard by a doctor who formerly worked for the manufacturer of the DePuy hip implant. The doctor, Dr. Thomas Schmalzried, has made over $20 million by working for the DePuy design team. First, his testimony indicated that DePuy never made a vigilance team to handle the complaints of customers in regards to the hip implant. With over 40 percent of individuals experiencing the failure of their DePuy hip implants in countries like Australia, this is shocking news. Every manufacturer should have a vigilance department that customers can call in the event that they have experienced issues with a medical device.

Dr. Thomas Schmalzried also testified that the DePuy hip replacements that he has personally implanted have had a failure rate of 23 percent. This is an astonishingly high rate, and it just shows the tendency of the DePuy hip implant to fail due to its defective design. Dr. Thomas Schmalzried was also asked at trial whether he believed the failure rate of the DePuy hip implant was expected to increase anytime soon. He stated that he believed the failure rate would increase in the future. This testimony should be a clear indicator that patients who have received a DePuy hip implant should seek legal help as soon as possible. It is important for patients to stand up for their right to compensation.

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