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Depuy Hip Implant Lawsuit

Depuy Hip Implant LawsuitFollowing reports of Johnson & Johnson’s $2.5 billion settlement to over 8,000 Americans who had filed claims against the manufacturer after being fit with allegedly defective hip implants, the Maharashtra Food and Drug Administration in India has reportedly received three complaints from Chennai, Mumbai and Hyderabad seeking assistance in obtaining compensation for similar faulty hip implant devices.

DePuy Hip Implant Lawsuits Across the Globe

According to reports, over 4,700 Indians received the ASR hip implants. The products were manufactured by DePuy, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, and have since been recalled for serious and life-threatening complications. However, very few in other countries are apparently aware of the potential dangers of the implant. While DePuy had recalled its devices from the U.S., Europe and Australia, it recalled the implants in India in late 2010. Prior to the recall, the company had imported over 15,800 implants into the country; only 1,200 were sent back.

Additionally, of the 4,700 people who underwent procedures to receive the ASR device, only 280 have registered complaints with DePuy, and 68 admitted to needing a revision surgery. Of these, 10 were allegedly suffering from pain. Some patients have approached the company assigned by DePuy to help those seeking compensation and were reportedly told that reimbursement will include coverage of reasonable and customary expenses during the revision procedure. Indirectly, patients were reportedly told that if they were unhappy with the amount of compensation, they have a right to fight it in court.

For its part, DePuy maintains that it is committed to addressing customary and reasonable costs of treatment and testing for reasons related to the recall, including revision procedures if they are advised by a surgeon and deemed necessary. DePuy has also reportedly agreed to pay for reasonable expenses pertaining to care, including travel costs and lost wages incurred as the result of the injury, surgery or recovery period.

With word slowly spreading, those experiencing difficulty in walking, leg pain or an inability to bear weight have begun to realize the potential existence of metal deposits in their joints. One of the common allegations in current DePuy hip implant lawsuits is that of metal toxicity or poisoning which occurs when friction between the two metal components cause debris to shed and accumulate into the bloodstream. 

DePuy hip implant lawsuits, though now increasing in India, were apparently more reported in Australia. According to reports, the number of revision surgeries rose to 13 percent in the country, forcing Johnson & Johnson to remove the devices from the market. However, sources speculate that since there were no such complaints from those in India, the company failed to take a similar action. One patient claims that no immediate action was taken after sending two complaints to the company in 2011. Still, it was thanks in part to artificial joint registries in both Australia and Great Britain that evidence of the relatively high failure rate of the devices came to light.

Based on information provided from countries across the world, the complications stemming from the DePuy ASR hip implants are not centralized specifically within the U.S. Instead, patients in India, Australia and other regions have allegedly suffered from similar complications, including metal poisoning, device dislocation and difficulty moving, walking or standing, and plaintiffs are currently filing DePuy hip implant lawsuits in an effort to seek compensation for their injuries.

While accurate information on the number of pending DePuy hip implant lawsuits is not always readily available, estimates of the number of ASR recipients in other countries are as follows:

  • 300 in the Czech Republic
  • 900 in Finland
  • 3,300 in Ireland
  • 4,000 in Australia and New Zealand
  • 10,000 in the United Kingdom

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