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DePuy Hip Lawsuits Complicated by Stryker Lawsuit

DePuy hip lawsuits

DePuy hip lawsuitsIn addition to the ongoing DePuy hip lawsuits, DePuy Orthopedics, Inc. and four of its employees are now being faced with a multimillion-dollar suit filed by Stryker, Inc. Stryker claims that five of its former sales staff and their current employer engaged in a conspiracy to steal Stryker’s North California clients. Stryker seeks damages estimated to exceed $3 million during 2014 alone for what it claims were the breaches of “non-compete” agreements made by former Stryker sales reps Taylor Smith, Bryan Wyatt, Keegan Freeman, Michael Nordyke, and Brett Sarkisian.

Five Key Stryker Sales Team Members Quit

All five co-defendants were formerly employed by Stryker to promote and facilitate sales of Stryker orthopedic products. After sending simultaneous and identical resignation letters to their employer, the ex-sales reps failed to return numerous text messages, telephone calls, and emails. Shortly after, the former Stryker associates began marketing prosthetic products for one of Stryker’s main competitors, DePuy. One of DePuy’s hip replacements, the ASR, is currently the subject of thousands of DePuy hip lawsuits.

Stryker’s attorneys filed a motion for injunctive relief to prevent its former sales staff from soliciting the company’s current clientele. If the alleged violations of the “non-compete agreements” continue, Stryker stands to lose up to 90 percent of its reconstructive medical device sales revenue and 70 percent of its trauma parts regional market share.

Turbulent History of DePuy Hip Lawsuits

DePuy and Strkyer have more than employees in common; like Stryker, DePuy is facing its own legal battle. DePuy hip lawsuits arose after it was discovered that its ASR hip implants had an earlier failure rate than previously expected and, because the key parts of the hip replacement were made of chromium and cobalt, metal ions were sometimes being released into the bloodstream and surrounding tissue when the parts rubbed together, causing metal toxicity. Within months, several thousand DePuy hip lawsuits were filed and DePuy established a $4 billion class action settlement fund.

The settlement affects about 12,000 U.S. plaintiffs with pending DePuy hip lawsuits, all of whom had received ASR XL Acetabular or ASR Hip Resurfacing System implants that caused severe chronic pain, surgical site infection, and tissue swelling. In many cases, such complications required costly restorative or replacement surgeries. Each eligible recipient is expected to receive a base award of approximately $250,000. Specific amounts will differ, however, depending on each recipient’s surgical history, age, and other variables.

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Lifelong debilitating pain, multiple surgeries, daily prescription medications, and impaired mobility can cause permanent disability and the inability to earn a living. Even if you are not experiencing daily pain from your hip replacement, having your blood tested for metal toxicity by a medical professional is still highly-recommended. If you or a loved one was implanted with a DePuy ASR hip replacement that you believe is defective, contact the American Injury Attorney Group today. We are currently offering free, no-obligation consultations. You may be eligible to join the ongoing DePuy hip lawsuits.

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