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The Effect of DePuy Implants On the Hip Generation

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DePuy implantsThe rise in popularity of hip replacements has been so rapid in recent years that some in the medical community have used the term “the hip generation” to describe the growing number of individuals, both old and young, who are opting for this procedure as an alternative to dealing with chronic hip pain. It is estimated that within the next 15 years, the number of hip replacement surgeries performed annually—comprised of DePuy implants as well as other brands—will reach one million.

Ideally, this should be good news, for there are few physical hindrances more limiting than debilitating hip pain. Whether it is an elderly person who has fallen and broken a hip or a young person who was injured in a sports-related incident, the realization of how vital a functioning hip is can bring those without one to opt for hip replacement surgery without always examining the potential risks.

Risks Associated with DePuy Implants
Unfortunately, many patients are misinformed about the safety, efficacy, and long-term consequences of the hip replacement procedures they choose. Some patients who chose DePuy implants found this out the hard way. While hip replacements are meant to increase the patient’s quality of life by allowing them greater freedom and mobility, some have been found to do exactly the opposite. There are hundreds of lawsuits working their way through the court system right now involving DePuy implants, particularly DePuy metal-on-metal systems, known as the Pinnacle and ASR.

When these particular DePuy implants first were released, they were heavily marketed as being the best choice for younger and more active patients because, according to the company, they were more durable and permitted a much greater range of motion than other traditional hip replacements. Within a year of their release after a streamlined approval from the FDA that required no clinical trials, reports of serious problems began to emerge. These problems included pseudotumors at the implant site, metallosis (or metal poisoning) caused by friction of the metal components, and the loss of bone around the hip replacement.

Seeking Legal Counsel
In addition to allowing affected patients to be compensated, this litigation surrounding DePuy implants is raising awareness among doctors and patients alike about the need to be as well-informed as possible before going the hip replacement route. Hip replacement surgery is a very serious procedure that can have life-altering consequences, good or bad. Patients relying solely on marketing claims before undergoing a surgical procedure of this magnitude are not exercising due diligence.

If you or a loved one received DePuy implants such as the ASR or the Pinnacle and experienced adverse effects as a result, contact the American Injury Attorney Group today. We can determine whether you have a claim in a free, no obligation consultation. If you do, we can connect you with an affiliated attorney who can guide you through the legal process. If you have any additional questions about DePuy implants or would like to be informed of your legal options, call today.

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