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          DePuy hip informationDePuy hip information provided by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) provides answers to several common questions about the hip replacement device. The DePuy ASR Hip System performed well for many patients, but a number of people required revision surgery after implantation.

The Need for Revision Surgery
          Revision surgery becomes necessary when the person begins to feel negative side effects associated with their surgery. Simply put, a revision surgery removes the old device to replace it with a new one. DePuy hip information from the patient’s doctor should give a solid idea of what the patient should expect from his or her initial implantation. Any sort of failure from the device may require a revision surgery and, since DePuy hip information shows that metal-on-metal hips have a history of early failure, revision surgery is certainly a possibility.

          Revision surgery opens the patient up to an array of additional risks. Risks from the surgery itself include infections, bleeding, blood clots, and a negative reaction to anesthesia. The complications are worse if there was a negative affect on the person’s bone quality or soft tissue. The implant itself can be an important piece of evidence. Because the implant is the property of the patient, he or she often has the choice to send the device back to the manufacturer for analysis so engineers can attempt to determine how the product failed. A patient that intends on looking into legal action and DePuy hip information will want to retain control of the implant. To be sure, if you have had a faulty hip removed, advise your orthopedic doctor that you do not want it disposed of.

Follow Up Actions
          A patient that has a successful hip replacement surgery should keep up on regular testing to ensure it stays in fully-functional condition. The patient may develop a reaction to a metal build up as more time passes. Every person’s body has different tolerances for the presence of metallic ions in their body. These build ups, caused when the metal components of the hip rub together and release ions into the blood and surrounding tissue, can result in heavy metal poisoning or other severe health conditions after some time has passed. These can include renal impairment, cardiomyopathy, psychological problems, thyroid dysfunction, and neurological changes. The patient should make themselves very aware of the potential side effects by contacting the American Injury Attorney Group for DePuy hip information. Common complications include cobalt or chromium poisoning, pseudotumors, allergic reactions to metal, and a loose ASR cup. 

Hip Device Recalls
          Every medical device is allowed some small percentage of failures without being discontinued. However, some of these metal-on-metal hip replacements have been recalled when they were found to fail more often than could be tolerated. DePuy issued a voluntary recall of the ASR Hip System in August of 2010. The company had received a report from a joint replacement registry in the UK showing that patients with the ASR Hip System were demonstrating a much higher rate of revision than previously stated. A recall does not necessarily mean that the device needs to be replaced. The patient should consult with their orthopedic surgeon about how a recall that may affect them. The doctor will also be able to tell the patient exactly what kind of replacement was installed if the patient does not know.

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          A person who believes they have been harmed by a defective hip replacement system should request a consultation with the American Injury Attorney Group. A free, no obligation consultation can help the person understand their legal options and possible courses of action if they have a claim. The American Injury Attorney Group can answer your questions, address your concerns, and connect you with an affiliated attorney for representation. There is a lot of DePuy hip information that might not be detailed enough to help with your specific case. Call today for more DePuy hip information that is applicable to your particular needs.

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