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depuy hip recalls

DePuy Hip Recalls

As of August 2013, the DePuy Orthopedics Division of Johnson & Johnson will no longer manufacture or sell the Ultamet Metal-on-Metal Articulation (ASR I) or Complete Ceramic-on-Metal Acetabular (ASR II) hip replacement systems. The company is claiming that this is not due to previous DePuy hip recalls. It sites low sales and the desire for more modern products as the reason for discontinuing these two hip replacement products. DePuy also acknowledges that it is pulling this product due to new Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements that would involve a much more detailed approval process.

History of DePuy Hip Recalls

The first DePuy hip recalls occurred in August 2010 due to concerns about effectiveness. Patients reported failure rates of 12% for the ASR I and 13% for the ASR II. Patients whose hip replacements failed were required to undergo surgery again less than five years after receiving their original DePuy hip replacement. These DePuy hip recalls were voluntarily and were not initiated by the FDA.

Symptoms Reported by Patients Prior to the DePuy Hip Recalls

When a metal-on-metal hip replacement fails, it can cause metal particles to become lodged in the patient’s tissues and blood streams. This happens when metal parts rub together and cause friction. As a result of metal in the blood stream and body tissues, some patients developed metallosis. This is a painful, inflammatory condition that occurs as the body’s response to the presence of foreign metal.

depuy hip recalls

In addition to metallosis, some patients reported the following symptoms as a result of a DePuy hip implant:

  • A noticeable limp when walking or not being able to walk as fast or as far as before the surgery.
  • Noticeable swelling at the site of the hip joint.
  • Groin, hip or leg pain.

How the American Injury Attorney Group Can Help You

If you have been affected by DePuy hip recalls, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your injuries. Your first step is to contact the American Injury Group and request an appointment for a consultation. There is no charge for this appointment. We spend time with you learning more about how your life has been impacted by the faulty manufacturing of the ASR I and ASR II hip replacement. Sadly, many people who trusted Johnson and Johnson to make their lives better have experienced a decreased quality of living instead. We think it is only right that the manufacturers of these faulty hip replacements be held accountable for the damage that has been caused. DePuy hip recalls are not enough.

The American Injury Attorney Group helps the average American receive fair legal representation against large corporations. We understand that the thought of facing a huge pharmaceutical company on your own can be overwhelming. Most large corporations don’t want the embarrassment of a court trial and will attempt a direct settlement instead. DePuy hip recalls are no different. However, we are prepared to aggressively represent you in court if necessary. If your settlement is successful, you may receive financial compensation for your increased medical costs, lost wages, and lost earning potential. We also request fair compensation for the decreased quality of life you have experienced as the result of DePuy hip recalls. This sends a clear message to the hip replacement manufacturer that its irresponsibility is unacceptable. Contact the American Injury Attorney Group today for a free, no obligation consultation.

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