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Depuy hip recall attorneysPatients with metal-on- metal hip implants need to be familiar with the potential complications associated with the all-metal devices. Depuy hip recall attorneys are staying apprised of the situation as new research becomes available. Two recently released reports provide further documentation for patients and Depuy hip recall attorneys that metal-on-metal devices can lead to serious complications in some patients. Numerous Depuy hip lawsuits have been filed, with more expected as the device failures continue to be reported.

Researchers in The Netherlands looked at the complications patients have associated with use of metal-on-metal hip implants. The researchers found that 28 percent of patients who received these kinds of implants went on to develop pseudotumors. The device in question, used from 2005 to 2009, is made up of a metal-on-metal femoral head attached to an acetabular shell. The study looked at 125 patients and 142 metal hips to determine whether or not the device caused damage. Over the course of 41 months, CT scans revealed pseudotumors in 39 of the 125 patients. Of those individuals, researchers note that ten patients with pseudotumors reported pain, tingling, and/or burning in the groin, as well as a noticeable mass. Seven additional patients had revision surgery as a result of symptomatic pseudotumors.

The findings from The Netherlands correlate with recent findings by Canadian researchers. The Canadian Institutes for Health Information found that 5.9 percent of people with metal-on-metal hip implants require revision surgery within five years after implantation. This is more than twice the rate of revision surgery than patients who received metal-on-plastic implants. Only 2.7 percent of those patients required revision surgery.

The premature failure of Depuy metal-on-metal hip implants have led several patients to seek legal counsel with Depuy hip recall attorneys. These attorneys have helped a number of people receive compensation from the ongoing Depuy hip lawsuits associated with the devices.

High failure rates and the presence of metallic debris in patients’ bloodstreams led to a worldwide recall of the metal-on-metal hip implants and a number of Depuy hip lawsuits. The device’s failure stems, in part, from its inability to appropriately support the patient’s body weight. Daily activities cause the metal parts to rub against one another, resulting in metal particles shedding into the patient’s tissue and bloodstream. The metal particles lead to associated psuedotumors as well as damage to surrounding bone and tissue. Metal poisoning is also a concern. The threat is so grave that the FDA issued guidelines for all patients with metal-on-metal hip implants. The FDA and healthcare providers recommend that patients undergo regular physical examinations, diagnostic imaging tests, and metal ion testing to safeguard against complications associated with the devices.

The failure of metal-on-metal hip implants is a serious concern. Depuy hip recall attorneys urge patients to follow the FDA’s advice. They also suggest patients consult an attorney familiar with the Depuy hip lawsuits. It is important to know your rights before taking any action regarding a recalled hip implant. The Depuy hip recall attorneys affiliated with the American Injury Attorney Group are here to help. They stay up-to-date on the latest news and research associated with Depuy hip lawsuits and can offer counsel accordingly. If you or a loved one has experienced pain and suffering as a result of the metal-on-metal hip implants, contact the American Injury Attorney Group to discuss your rights and legal options associated with the Depuy hip lawsuits, all at no upfront cost to you.

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