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Oregon Gets $4M in Most Recent of DePuy Settlements

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depuy settlementsOregon recently obtained a $4 million settlement from DePuy Orthopedics, Inc., a subsidiary of Johnson and Johnson, stemming from allegations that DePuy marketed a type of metal-on-metal hip replacement product in the state that resulted in serious adverse side effects for its patients. The artificial hip in question is the DePuy ASR XL, of which over 400 were sold in Oregon alone before the product was recalled in 2010 by the company amid a flurry of allegations and lawsuits. There have already been thousands of DePuy settlements with private consumers, but the lawsuit filed by Oregon’s Department of Justice is the first successful government lawsuit against the company.

The Need for DePuy Settlements

The DePuy settlements, including Oregon’s most recent $4 million, highlight the dichotomy between the claims DePuy made about its ASR XL product and the experiences patients actually claimed to have with it. When the DePuy ASR XL was first released, it was heavily marketed to younger patients as a favorable option to traditional hip replacements because, according to the company’s claims, the metal-on-metal design was more durable and permitted a greater range of motion. This was after DePuy received a rare, streamlined approval from the FDA to release the ASR XL without having to subject the product to the clinical trials which, in hindsight, probably should have been conducted.

Even when complaints begun to roll in and the company was made aware that patients found the product to be lacking and even dangerous, DePuy did not immediately slow down on its aggressive promotion tactics. This failure to act in a timely manner upon receipt of damaging information about its product is one of the most common complaints in lawsuits that have resulted in DePuy settlements.

Problems with the DePuy Hip Implants

The most serious complaint lodged against the ASR XL, and the reason for many DePuy settlements, is that the product begins to break down after it is implanted, causing fragments of metal to become lodged inside the patient’s body. This puts the patient at risk of several serious complications, including metallosis (severe metal poisoning of the blood), tissue damage in the surrounding muscles, and various other infections and incapacities. Other patients have reported persistent discomfort, restricted range of motion, and swelling.

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The multimillion dollar settlement awarded to the state of Oregon as remuneration for the marketing of its defective product, as well as the thousands of other DePuy settlements, is evidence that patients who have experienced adverse effects because of DePuy’s defective products have hope. If you or a loved one was implanted with a defective DePuy hip and you would like to know more about DePuy settlements, call the American Injury Attorney Group today. We can review your case in a free, no-obligation consultation and, if you have a claim, we can connected you with an affiliated attorney.

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